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Selfie Stick Australia is an essential go-to product for fuss-free, better-looking photos. Each one of our selfie stick is great for ensuring that your phones are kept in place while taking pictures with less hassle.

Why Our Selfie Sticks?

Taking photos and videos during trips, parties, and family celebrations has become almost mandatory because there are simply plenty of moments worth remembering in these important events. Most of the people who get assigned to take photos or shoot videos using smartphones are familiar with the struggle of not being able to fit the entire family or, say, the whole facade of a beautiful building in the frame. It is quite frustrating when shots do not include everyone in the group or shots turn out to be taken at awkward angles.

The use of simple photography tools, like a selfie stick, sometimes spells all the difference between photos that do not even do justice to the subject and photos that look professionally taken.

Selfie Stick Australia provides selfie sticks that will help you amp up your smartphone photography game and produce photos and videos that you can proudly share to everyone.

Many people have already purchased selfie sticks because they clearly see how it can help them frame and take pictures better with less hassle.

With our Selfie Stick Australia, our goal is to provide our customers the satisfaction each of us are expecting for what we have paid for. For a more detailed specification of our selfie stick, please click here.


Why Selfie Stick?

✔ Functions as a monopod and as a tripod with its aluminum stem that can be extended from 19 cm to as long as 75 cm;

✔ Compatible with most smartphones with its adjustable phone clamp width of 5.59 cm to 8.38 cm;

✔ Allows quick photo angle adjustment with its phone clamp that can be rotated as high as 270 degrees;

✔ Easy to operate using its small, detachable, user-friendly Bluetooth remote control that works from as far as 10 meters;

✔ Lightweight and easy to fit in your bag or purse; and

 Available in black, white, blue, and pink.



What Our Clients Say

I am part of a big, happy family who loves to gather and party. We have always poked fun at the fact that there is no way to include all of us in one picture. We are therefore used to taking small-group pictures only. Then, after one of my friends used a selfie stick in one of our leisure trips, I decided to purchase one for myself. It definitely changed the way we take our family pictures during parties! We can now include more people in the group selfies and, last year, we were able to take one picture where everyone is included. It is definitely fun to see. Everyone is volunteering to take pictures now because holding the smartphone and finding better angles is much easier with this selfie stick.Celeste V.


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